Victrix is a company specialized in career management of high level athletes. With an increasingly demanding market, our focus is on finding young talents and allocate them to specific markets. The company was founded in Switzerland back in 2005 and has an office located in Zurich. Throughout the years the company has expanded around the world and is also present in major cities such as São Paulo, Milan and Dubai.

We do a complete 360º ​​degree management according to the career plan of each athlete that includes:

Athlete Care

Term used in the English language that means “Zeal with the athlete”. The purpose of our unique and exclusive care is so that athletes can focus on their daily activities in their careers.

Image management

Special care and support for wide dissemination of brand and image for high level athletes, thus having more media space for their development within sports practice.


Legal Advisory

Support with legal professionals that bring greater security to our athletes throughout the development of their private and professional life.

Financial management

All support and monitoring for the best financial performance in the athlete’s career, thus providing greater reliability and comfort for high level development.



Adress Seefeldstrasse 35, Zurich – Switzerland


Send us a message at contact@victrix.com.br